When it comes to the word “respect”, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? For me, my own definition of respecting people is by accepting people’s idea but not agreeing with it. It may sound contradicting but ACCEPTANCE and AGREED is two different thing. For example, I accept my friend’s idea that when you love a person, you will stay with that person no matter how much that person hurts you. However I do not agree with it. No matter how much you love a person, when he/she cheated or played you out, you can’t be staying by his/her side and let him/ her hurt you forever right?

Human’s brain works differently for every individual. The interesting part is how you learn to see what other people believes in. There is never right or wrong, bad or good for what people believes in. Recently I picked up this interesting application in iPhone name DRAW SOMETHING. It is really interesting to find how human brains think differently for one very simple thing. Religion is one very good example. Some people believes that praying every single day, doing the ritual properly without fail is necessary but some people are more to casual prayers that will pray when they feel like it. It is not right or wrong in both cases. To me, praying every single day is not a necessity even when I call myself a Buddhist but I do respect people who thinks that doing that is a must every day.

So are you a person who criticize people’s believes or are you a person who respect people’s believes even you do not agree with it?


Winter Solstice / Dong Zhi festival

Today is the Winter Solstice/ Dong Zhi festival for Chinese tradition. It is one of the most important celebration of Chinese where usually family members will gather to eat “tang yuen” which means reunion. Below is a picture of “tang yuen”.

Ancient Chinese astronomers divided the whole year into 24 solar terms and Winter Solstice is the 22nd solar term. The Chinese in ancient time found that Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year after which the sun begins its slow return to the North and it usually falls between December 21st to 23rd of the year.

There may be two reasons why the Chinese hold celebrations on this day. One, is that after a hard working year, farmers always take a rest to enjoy their bountiful harvest. The second reason has to do with the theory of Yin and Yang. In Chinese philosophy, Yin symbolizes the feminine and negative qualities of the universe while Yang the masculine and positive. It is dialectical and dynamic in a sense. When something has reached one extreme, it will turn to the oposite. On the day of the Winter Solstice, the Yin is at its peak with the longest night. From then on, it will give way to the light and warmth of Yang. And the Chinese consider it a right time for optimism and joy.

So I would like to wish all Chinese Happy Dong Zhi and happy eating tang yuen to those non Chinese. I am making them myself, how about you? =)

Life is never too late to gain knowledge!

After further much abandoning this blog of mine, I have decided to get back on writing my journey towards success. This time around I am changing my style into writing not only what I have learned but also things that I went through in life that I think might benefit others knowing that experience.

Recently an old friend of mine that I have not met for quite a period of time gave me a comment that I should have start working at this age and not still studying. He said that at this age of mine I should be ashamed to still going to college. I was not angry at him instead I gave him a smile and told him that “There is never TOO OLD to gain knowledge”.

During the one and a half years of studying in Australia, I have a classmate who is as old as my dad. At that point of time I do feel a bit embarrassed to see him in the class as I do have the same concept as a lot of people in the world have that “he is too old to study!” But slowly I began to know him and talked to him. I found that his motivation to study is as much as all of us who claim to be the “studying age”. Having the advantage of working for 25 years in a factory as a technical engineer, he shared a lot of life time experiences with me that I did not learn in class. And finally I asked him the reason that he came back to the University to get a Degree. He corrected me. He said “I do not get into the University to get a Degree, I came to gain more knowledge”. Seeing that he scored way more higher than me in a test, I felt embarrassed of myself.

Now in college, there are a lot younger than me and there are those who are elder than me too. Many do tell me that how bad they feel to study still at his age. All I could tell them is there is never too late to gain knowledge. We study mainly to gain knowledge and as long you did not waste your time playing around, life is never too late to gain knowledge!


The power of LEVERAGE

One of the most powerful tools successful people use on a regular basis is leverage. The dictionary defines leverage as the power or ability to act or to influence people, events, and decisions. Leverage also means utilizing the strengths of other things, processes, and people to do a lot more than you could do alone. The concept of leverage is all about achieving ever more with ever less. Getting your people to achieve more with less effort.

The famous Geek mathematician, Archimedes said :

In our life, we definitely need leveraging tools to make our life easier. And in the case of making more money, use every tools that is available and use them wisely to help you create more wealth.

For those who are new in the society, who do not have a network, the easiest way to start is by leveraging on others like your friends, partner, family or anyone around you that you could think of. The things that you could leverage on them are :

1. Their Resources and Time

2. Their Ideas

3. Their contacts or networks

4. Their expertise

There is no self-made millionaire in this world. You always need others to help you to be successful because you just cannot do everything by yourself. You can also leverage through systems, marketing, finance or customers.

Leverage is crucial to your long-term wealth in business and life. Whenever you as the owner do a task, ask yourself, “Am I being paid once for this task, or forever?” Use leverage… see, I only wrote this entry once, and tens of thousands of people have read it just like you. =)

Dare to tell your DREAMS

Everyone has their own dreams, some may be wild and some may be normal. But how many of you will tell everyone about your dream? Like myself, I once wanted to become a singer, that was my dream when I was still young. But what happened was I will just lock myself in the room, holding my comb or something rod like to act as a microphone then blast the music in my room and sing like those singers on stage ( I bet you could imagine how funny that will be =) ) I did not dare to tell anyone except my parents about my dreams because I myself know how badly I sing with all the tone out of place. But without me knowing many people did gave compliment on my singing. But like the below picture, we are afraid of people telling us this right?

But in our life, we should always look for dream stokers but not dream soakers. People who tells you that is what we call dream soakers. So we need to look for dream stokers. Someone who will tell you something like the below picture.

So tell your dreams to everyone! Let them criticize you! Because their criticism is the best motivator!

Soft Skills

Soft skills is a sociological term relating to a person’s EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient), the cluster of personality traits, social graces, communication, language, personal habits, friendliness, and optimism that characterize relationships with other people.

It is important to learn soft skills in our life whether we are working as an employee irregardless what kind of job or self-employed or businessman. Let me give you an example on soft skills.

Two salesmen eagerly race to your door!  The first one wins your attention.  You let him in and he shows you his latest model vacuum.  He tells you all about its sucking capacity, its ease of operation, the factory warranty, and the differences between different models.  With a patient but zoned-out bored look, you let the man leave.  He passes the second salesman waiting on your porch for his turn.

You yawn and let the second guy in.  But there’s something different about this other salesman.  He takes a moment to look around your living room.  He sees a picture of your cute little girl and compliments you.  He asks you a couple other “small talk” questions and gets to know you better.  He listens to you.  He really listens to you and the problems you face.  Somehow he knows how to gently draw out your general home cleanliness concerns.  He has suggestions on how to clean drapes more effectively, how to dust without leaving streaks–nothing directly related to vacuum sales just yet.  Nevertheless you are drawn in.  This salesman has converted you as his friend.  You trust him and believe him.  Then the salesman points out the benefits you’ll receive if you purchase his vacuum.  Plus, you notice that he knows just as much about the product and company and the first guy!  Hmmm…

QUESTION: Which one closes the sale?

ANSWER: The one who used his “soft skills”– the latter one.

There are 4 important elements in soft skills :

1. Study their BODY LANGUAGE

Body language is an important part of communication which can constitute 50% or more of what we are communicating. If you wish to communicate well, then it makes sense to understand how you can (and cannot) use your body to say what you mean.

2. Energy

The energy that I am talking about  is the HAPPY energy in you! Imagine if you are talking to a person who keeps yawning in front of you, how will you feel? Or if you are a student, will you enjoy going to a class with a lecturer actively walking around with so much energy or a lecturer just standing all the time in front of the class pointing at the white board talking only? You can transfer your energy to the person you are talking to by showing your HAPPY energy to them.

3. Build Rapport through mirroring

You can build rapport through mirroring the BODY LANGUAGE, the TONALITY and also the CHOICE OF WORDS. What I meant with mirroring is “copying” or “following”. Like a mirror, it reflects whatever is in front of it. So you can reflect whoever you are talking to.

4. Break the State!

Some people are closed to what you are trying to share with them, some are defensive. A way to “open” them up is to break the state! How you may ask me. Well, what will make you jump up suddenly? A surprise? A shock? Create some surprises by changing the topic. For example, you were suppose to tell this friend how good is your product but he/she is closed to what you are sharing with him/her. So you can break the state by changing the topic to some recent news with a little high tone all of a sudden and start talking about the new topic before bringing him/her back to the product you are introducing.

New Economic Model (NEM)

The New Economic Model (NEM) is an economic plan in Malaysia unveiled on 30 March, 2010 by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak which is intended to more than double the per capita income in Malaysia by 2020. The goal of the NEM, according to Najib, is to “transform the Malaysian economy to become one with high incomes and quality growth” by 2020. At the time of the plan’s unveiling in 2010, per capita annual income in Malaysia stood at RM23,100, approximately $7,000 in US currrency under the plan that figure would more than double to RM49,500 (US$15,000).

The keys to the plan as described by Najib at the 30 March unveiling are “high income, sustainability and inclusiveness”.The goal is to stimulate economic growth by improving worker productivity across all sectors of society, in part through an improved system of affirmative action, with an eye towards sustainability. Among other reforms meant to accomplish this goal, the NEM seeks to empower the private sector and to reduce fiscal disparity between the wealthiest and poorest of Malaysians. The plan is intended to replace the New Economic Policy(NEP).Najib criticised the way that the NEP had been implemented over its 40 year history, arguing that affirmative action policies of the NEP needed to be better targeted.

Well, it does sound nice in a way how our Prime Minister put it. But in order to launch NEM, subsidies will be cut off. Prices of goods will rise and do you think you can survive by just earning RM1500 per month? So, do you think the government is trying to save the country from going  into bankruptcy or trying to save us? Are you sitting there now not worrying of your survival after NEM launched or are you thinking of ways to earn more money now?

Leader of the opposition party, DAP, Lim Kit Siang said :

But the biggest challenge for the NEM is whether there are “political will and leadership to break the log-jam of resistance by vested interest groups and preparing the rakyat to support deep-seated changes in policy directions”.

Will Najib fail in the first NEM test of political will and leadership as predicted by the NEM itself?

So are you supporting NEM or not?